Victoire Kammermann

« My father was a rock that we would have liked to hold on to without getting hurt.»

In her novel on the search for a failed love, La tendresse des pierres, Marion Fayolle depicts her father’s illness.

My search is a mix between childhood memories, mostly buried and forgotten, and particularly important present moments that I would like to evoke and bring to light.

I observe, I search, I recover, I analyze. A face, an old crumpled letter, a word, a child’s drawing. I want these often very personal objects to continue to live independently.

In order to give them back their importance that has been ignored for too long under the shelter of dusty drawers, I stage them in my own way, through painting, drawing or silkscreen printing.

They are sometimes integrated into imaginary landscapes above the clouds, skies invoking a paradise adorned with cheerful colours.

The colour pink has a major importance in my work, it often predominates over the others since it refers to the softness of childhood, to tenderness, and acts on the intellect by softening dark thoughts. This is directly related to my primary intention, which is to make my subject more beautiful and more accessible. I treated the painting as a body damaged by disease, by grinding it down, from 2017 to the end of 2018, with the idea of keeping a certain control over the disease and its evolution.

From now on, I am trying to control, to better tame the uncontrollable, the incomprehensible, the great unknown: the after passage on Earth.

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