About Artdib

Exclusively accessible by invitation, Artdib.com is an independent marketplace and member club designed for art collectors and lovers wishing to uncover up-and-coming talents at affordable prices.

Artdib is dedicated to presenting young artists from prestigious universities seeking for exposure and whose artworks we believe have the necessary plastic and/or intellectual qualities to constitute the art of tomorrow.

To ensure a qualitative selection, our artists are meticulously chosen by a committee composed of young art market experts, receptive to the innovations needs of this industry.
From drawing and engraving to painting, photography or design, Artdib presents artists excelling in various techniques and artistic categories.

Beyond technical mastery, these artists also retained our attention for the distinctive vision they have upon the world and which materialised through their works. It is their perspective coupled with true technical skills that we want you to uncover.
Thus, Artdib positions itself as a mediator between the eye of the spectator and the artist’s intention. More than a virtual gallery, our priority is to make available artworks from prestigious academies’ artists to a public who had not yet been given the chance to access their works.

Artdib est avant tout le résultat d’une passion et de coups de cœur : une mosaïque de visions et de travaux singuliers et novateurs à travers laquelle nous espérons que vous rencontrerez l’œuvre qui sera vous toucher tout particulièrement.
Above all, Artdib results from passion: a patchwork of visions and singular and innovative artworks from which we hope you’ll find the perfect artwork for yourself.

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